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Wall Mounted Fresh Air Device

Product Description

BRI XS-B100E Wall-mounted fresh air device

Compact and do not take up too much space, our BRI XS-B100E Wall-mounted fresh air device provide you fresh and clean air even when all the windows are closed.

Advantages of filter technology

--Kill virus upon contact of GERMAIC

--Active release to kill virus  

--Prevent biofilm formation of dead virus

Product Features

--Adopt G4 Grade Primary Filter & H11 HEPA Filter (Germagic) & G4 Grade Return Air Filter

--Air speed 100m³/h, suitable for 30~50m² space, make the room full of fresh air.

--Keep the indoor temperate and humidity stable while the ventilation system is working.

--Elegant exterior design, curve edges to avoid accidental bump.

--Adopt advanced world standard BLDC motor which is powerful, silent, and energy-saving. Provide you a healthy breathing indoors.

--Adopt H11 medical grade HEPA filter, efficiently remove dust and bacteria, CCM up to P4, guarantee a long service life.

--The wind wheel is debugged by CFD flow field simulation technology to realize high-efficiency operation and continuously provide you a healthy breathing.

--Two way flow of micro-pressure fresh air, quickly solve indoor air problem by preventing outside polluted air in.

--Smart Mode, Fresh Air mode and Purification mode, three modes to meet your needs under different climate condition.

--GERMAGIC Capsule using innovative Nanotechnology to enclose disinfection formula in capsule. At the same time, adopt special bonding technology to make GERMAGIC Capsule adhere to surface of HEPA filter to form a high effective membrane which can kill dozens of virus, bacteria and drug-resistant microorganisms in indoor air.


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