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Wall Mounted Ventilation Device

Product Description

BRI 7B200 Wall-mounted ventilation system

In new construction building, new decoration room or enclosed space, the air quality are more harmful than you can imagine. There may be harmful chemicals, smoke, particles and other airborne pollutants to be trapped indoors. Every breath we take affect our health. The demand for fresh and clean air is increasing.

Our BRI 7B200 Wall-mounted ventilation system is designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh air. The system draw fresh air in, filter it, then provide a fresh air throughout your room. This all-mounted ventilation device apply to various environments like Home, Classroom, Office, Hotel, Clinic, etc.

Technical Details

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Fan Speed Settings: 2

Wattage: 45W

Rated Air Volume

1. Fresh Air: 100 CMH

2. Discharge Air: 60 CMH

Maximum Air Volume: Internal Recycle 200 CMH

Enthalpy Exchange Rate>60%@60CMH (refrigeration & heating)

Heat Exchange Rate:

1. Refrigeration>62%@60CMH

2. Heating>68%@60CMH

PM2.5 One-time Filtration Efficiency>98%

Noise<44dB (A)

Effective Ventilation Rate>90%

Product Features

Patent design

Two-way flow of hot air replacement

Partial of internal circulation function, improve the purification efficiency

Automatic defrost system, suitable for cold and low temperature area

HEPA efficient purification

High efficiency BLDC motor

Slim design, large air volume, low noise

Mobile phone APP remote control

Easy to install and maintain

Efficient energy-saving, less than 1° electricity a day


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